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10 reasons why I am an Atheist

I am a convinced ATHEIST for the following ten reasons.  I could produce more but ten will do!

1.        We have no certain record of any god having appeared before a public audience in all the history of the world.  Such scanty records (e.g., the supposed appearance of Yahweh, tribal hill god adopted by the Jews, before the people during the Exodus) as are produced to support such claims are, on analysis, seen to have no validity whatever.

2.        All information concerning the gods comes to us through intermediaries, self-elected 'prophets' who claim to have been favoured with secret 'revelations' which they then proceed, magnanimously, to pass on to the rest of us. (Examples: Zarathustra, Paul, the Buddha, Joseph Smith, Muhammad.)

3.        By whatever standards we define the concept of evil,  the very existence of evil negates the idea of deity, unless, that is, deity itself is evil!  Perhaps it is!

4.        The conflicting claims put forward in the name of the thousands of deities only serve to indicate that all such claims are false.  If not, which do we believe and which reject?  We are confronted with the incredible spectacle of RIVAL GODS!  Yahweh v. Allah, Christ v. Krishna, et al.

5.        Children entering the world through birth have no concept of the existence of any god.  It would be reasonable to suppose that the deity would implant within the human being knowledge of his existence.  But no, children have to learn religion from those around them.  And, curiously, they learn different religions in each different culture!

6.     All  holy books (and especially the Jewish-Christian Bible) are, upon careful examination, found to be full of error, conflict, superstition, repetition, and general nonsense.

7.        Any alleged miraculous element in religion, whether past or present, is readily explicable in scientific terms; the innumerable frauds perpetrated in the name of religion are notorious. (Example: The supposed miracles of many 'faith healers'.)

8.        Taking the whole body of believers of all kinds, there is no discernible worthwhile difference between the lives of those who profess religious faith and those who do not do so.  (Example: The Pope demonstrates his faith by riding about in a bullet-proof vehicle!)

9.        Religion has bequeathed to the world at least as much evil as it has good, and probably more of the former than the latter.  We have only to think of the Inquisition, the witch mania, and the mass slaughter of thousands of men, women and children in the name of their gods by Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus and almost every religious body; and it continued TODAY!

10.      The creative activities of the various gods are faulty, to say the least!  Evolution explains deformed, disfigured and brain-damaged babies; religion has no explanation!

Mark Owen, 1991 -

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