Mark Owen writes

A Cardinal speaks out of turn . . .

Fancy being attacked by a Cardinal!  Well, that has just happened to me and not only me but thousands of other Australian citizens.

Sydney's Cardinal Pell recently blew off a lot of hot air, disparaging people he describes as 'faithless'. He claims we are 'coarse, uncaring and without purpose.'

Insults won't win arguments, Mr Cardinal! But, of course, there is a reason for the Cardinal's intemperate remarks.  It is all part of the counter-attack launched of late by the Church of Rome, seeking to regain the ground it has lost through its evil activities.

I have one very big question for the Cardinal but first let me examine what he says about me.

Coarse? I've never thought of myself as coarse.  I shave every day and I don't drink alcohol (unlike many of the Cardinal's priests and possibly the Cardinal himself) so I never disgrace myself my getting drunk or behaving loutishly. And I've never 'done' drugs - ever! And I am more than sparing in my use of 'bad' language. I never ever use the 'C' or 'F' swearwords. How, then, am I coarse?

Uncaring? I care deeply about many things.  I care about cruelty to animals, even to the point of writing to magistrates complaining about the weak sentences they have handed out to animal abusers. I care about the hundreds of boys and girls who have been abused by the priests of Mr Pell's Church and by others. I care about children being trained up in religious schools to believe the fantasy stories of religion, and the children whose evangelical parents try to shield them from the wonderful and exciting knowledge of evolution. I care about people brainwashing children with religious superstition. And I care about the too many futile wars we engage in.

As for being without purpose. Sure, Mr Cardinal, I don't believe in the alleged Purpose you guys believe in. Clearly life has no purpose whatever; it is the product of chance circumstances, and we must make the best of our few years here.  And that means - not create for ourselves unnecessary suffering. But hasn't the Church been stunningly effective in doing just that?

Cardinal Pell goes on to claim that many people without religion fear the future. Curious how fearful religious people are; why they even have masses said after death to ensure they go to a happy future! I certainly have no such fears.

But time for my question. Cardinal Pell's view is based on the paradigm by which he lives, a construct that sees a universe ruled over by a deity whose creation was so faulty he had to kill his own son as a sacrificial offering to himself! Need I go on? Hot air is what Mr Pell and his religion teaches, fantasy stuff from the land of nod. Tell me, Cardinal Pell, why should we believe all this nonsense? Where is the proof of the reality of what you preach? There is none!

From Tracts For Our Times - Mark Owen, 2008 -