Mark Owen

Apoplectic archbishop deplores gay rights

I read in the news that the Catholic Archbishop of New York was 'apoplectic' over the legalization of gay marriage in that state. Hope the poor man didn't have a heart attack! He could find himself (?) before that Great White Throne where he might then have to answer some difficult questions about going soft on priestly child abusers in his time on earth.

It's a great day for gays, not only in New York but effectively for all gays.  It is one more nail in the coffin of primitive thought that has limited the human rights of gay men and lesbians. For too long the outmoded and discredited teachings of the Old Testament have been employed by bigots to ward off progress in this area of human rights.  Hopefully by osmosis this new-found freedom will spread far and wide, including through my own conservative backwater called Australia.

Past centuries have seen some appalling abuses perpetrated against men and women whose sexual orientation is 'different' to the majority. People have been hounded out of jobs, put of public office, have been jailed and fined and generally abused and, in many cases, even driven to suicide by the godbotherers who have sought to impose their superstition (for that is all religion is) on the community.

Gayness, if I can use that term, is becoming increasingly accepted, at least by the enlightened members of our society, as it should be. One might well ponder why people wish to marry at all; I think many heterosexual couples would wonder. Marriage, many have found, isn't the be-all and end-all of existence. Unfortunately the way our society has evolved there are legal problems when couples, whether heterosexual or homosexual, don't formally marry. Surely the time is right for some of these legal impediments to 'living together' to be removed.

And being heterosexual is no guarantee of lifelong harmony and fidelity! Think: Arnie Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, and a slew of politicians, governors and others in the public eye.

In another Tract I drew attention to the fascist nature of religions that lay claim to the high moral ground and demand society obeys their dictates. Such religions are intolerant of any view that is not theirs.  They expect to be able to worship and conduct their affairs according to their lights yet, while they demand tolerance from society, they are unwilling to extend the same tolerance to those of us who have different moral and societal views. It is surely high time they learnt the virtue of tolerance.

Mark Owen, 2010 -