Mark Owen writes

In defence of Wikileaks . . .

Wikileaks is surely at the cutting edge of the new paradigm operating in world affairs and as such needs to be defended at all costs by those who care.

What is the new paradigm?  Until now our lives have been regulated by our 'betters' - those who through royal succession, accident of birth, high-priced education or inherent native intelligence deemed themselves better able to run the world than us.

Ah, yes, we did have democracy, which great institution allows us as citizens to participate in the process of electing governments.  And they in turn then act on our behalf for the common good.

Or do they?  It is now plainly obvious that what we suspected was happening has indeed been happening. We have all too often been lied to, denied the real truth and led up many garden paths.

Now the paradigm has shifted in favour of the people. Governments will become increasingly irrelevant under this new order.  Armed with the tools provided by the Internet and the wonders of computer science the people will increasingly determine their own destiny. We will not be dragooned into unwinnable wars like Vietnam or unnecessary (not say illegal) wars like the invasion of Iraq. 

And how many more secrets are there?  For example, it would be a great service to humanity if someone revealed the hidden machinations of governments, public officials and police who helped the Catholic Church cover up so many hundreds of cases of child abuse. Thousands of children were affected in one way or another, spread through many countries, yet the number of priests, nuns and teachers actually prosecuted is relatively small.  What happened to the others?

Hints of such malfeasance come from far and wide. Simply feed into Google this line: cover-up by governments catholic abuse and you will find thousands and thousands of stories.  This is a quite appalling record.  If you or I were to engage in child abuse - perish the thought - we would speedily find ourselves dragged before a court yet through the years hundreds of religious criminals have completely escaped being judged for their evil deeds.

And too often officialdom has been complicit in this travesty of justice. This has even been admitted by some in the Church. The New York Times reports that Vatican officials told Irish bishops in 1997 that they were unhappy with the Irish church's policy of mandatory reporting of priests suspected of child abuse to police or civil authorities. How many similar communications flowed between the Vatican and other countries?

I say - roll on Wikileaks!

From Tracts For Our Times - Mark Owen, 2008 -

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