About this site . . .

Who am I? I am, quite frankly, nobody - certainly nobody of any great interest. But I believe people who read the PiperPost web site and my Twitter diatribes would like to know just a little more about me so I will jot down a few background notes, trying to be honest in doing so. Alas, my life has been in many ways unproductive. This is reflected to some degree through my web site.

My aggressive brand of atheism has been forged - I confess - by some degree of bitterness. In my teens I had a successful career working as a technician in radio (at one stage I was working in Melbourne in the same studio which saw a young Graham Kennedy develop his talents.)

I had been ‘converted to Christ’ (as they say) through an Evangelical Anglican church (Sydney is crawling with them) and was ripe for the plucking - hearing the siren call of Christian service. I abandoned my career and joined an American Evangelical missionary organization called Gospel Recordings which could use my particular technical skills (centred on disc and tape recording).

There was no salary, we lived by the proverbial faith (aka smell of an oily rag) and into this difficult situation were born my two children (a boy and a girl). We eventually left the organization. The years that followed were a long struggle, to regain a position in the business world and provide for our children.

Of course, my wife and I had chosen that life but looking back I cannot avoid some sense of bitterness.  Thus, among the motivations for my atheism is the wish to divert other young people from ruining their lives by being sucked into religious cults.

Through study of the Bible, yes, the Bible itself, I came eventually see that religion, all religion, is based on absolutely NOTHING!  This theme meanders its way through the many papers and articles I have written.

One of the side benefits of abandoning faith is that I can enjoy freely what once I felt guilty about, interests broadly described as BDSM, not to mention beautiful female feet. The Christian faith does a wonderful job of instilling guilt into just about every human endeavour, in fact it is an essential mechanism of control. Guilt requires atonement, whether by the sacrifice of an actual sheep or the supposed ‘Lamb of God’ or, in the distorted reparation sought by the martyr who whips himself or herself. [Yes, BDSM involves 'punishment' but it is punishment as erotic pleasure not as a painful offering to a vengeful deity.]

I have always used my real name on the Net. I have no reason to hide my identity. True, I have some odd interests* and some 'different' ideas on many topics but I make no apology for these. And I assure you, I always think carefully before I write or say anything . . .

(* VERY odd, some will say after reading this!)

PS: I pay for this site myself. I have no secret admirers supporting me!

- Mark Owen